Cold rooms for carrots


Although carrots are an unpretentious root crop, in order to preserve their freshness for a long time during long-term storage in industrial warehouses, we ensure compliance with the required conditions and maintain temperature and humidity indicators strictly at a certain level. Only professional cooling chambers for carrots can cope with such a task, which our company will mount and configure according to your request.

Cooling chambers for storing carrots: solutions for you from Ralco Techniс

It is a mistake to believe that we propose to store all root crops in the same conditions. For example, in the projects of our company, we always take into account that potatoes, unlike carrots, are afraid of the cold, and at temperatures below +1, the starch begins to turn into sugar, and with a subsequent increase in temperature, the root crop begins to deteriorate. In projects for beets, Ralco Technic ensures that they are stored on potatoes, which give some of their moisture to the root crop, as well as in slightly damp sand in a cellar or cellar, or in plastic bags. As for carrots, we strictly observe certain rules, namely:

In our refrigeration equipment, we observe all the main indicators for the proper storage of carrots:

Temperature Humidity Term
-0.5°С…+0.5°С 90% – 100% 30-270 days

If the temperature rises to +5, the shelf life becomes shorter by several weeks. To ensure that this does not happen, and you are sure that the products are stored properly, please contact us for advice.

Cooling chambers for carrots – designed by Ralco Technic

We set up the refrigerator for storing carrots in such a way as to cool it gradually. In his projects, Ralco Technik does not allow the formation of frost and shock freezing for carrots. We provide constant ventilation, and thanks to such blowing, the air circulates even in the farthest corners of the warehouse. Our company adjusts the refrigerators in such a way that all storage conditions are maintained automatically. We select each element according to the task and at the same time ensure a stable temperature. We work with reliable and proven European suppliers such as Alco Controls and Danfoss. Their high-quality equipment has proven itself in operation and allows you to maintain performance at the proper level, as well as receive alarms about problems.

We at Ralco Technic apply our knowledge and best practices to ensure that products are stored correctly and for a long time. In order to build a refrigerator for storing carrots, our specialists will take into account the nuances necessary to comply with the necessary conditions for this particular product. We will select the best storage method for you and carry out all stages – from design and installation to configuration and maintenance.

Why is it worth entrusting the installation of refrigerators for storing carrots to our team of professionals?

If you have any questions regarding the installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, please contact us for advice.

Storage of carrots in refrigerators – optimal solutions

Our company is proud of its own engineering and design department, cooperation with world-renowned suppliers of refrigeration equipment and a highly qualified service team, because all these components allow us to carry out turnkey projects. We take care of all stages, including:

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