Industrial refrigenation equipment for production and laboratories


Engineers use the latest software, so we guarantee the most effective refrigeration system project. Your investment will work for you.


Our installation crews are equipped with modern tools, transport and components to install commercial refrigeration equipment exactly on time.


All commissioning work is performed by certified specialists who regularly train at the factories of manufacturers of units and components for them.


Remote monitoring operation of refrigerating units makes it possible to detect problems and deviations from the norm even before the technical service of the supermarket. The mobile service service goes to the facility 24/7.



Refrigerating chambers for production and industrial enterprises

Strict compliance with top standards, requirements of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and other industry regulations during the operation of complex refrigerating equipment at industrial enterprises is a guarantee of man-made safety and trouble-free operation of the enterprise or laboratory. Competently designed cooling systems and correctly calculated capacity of units are the main conditions for economic effect and absence of losses. For the correct selection of refrigeration equipment, our engineers work out many factors:

We create the optimal industrial refrigeration system for your technological or scientific research process and help you avoid buying expensive, unnecessary equipment.

Turnkey refrigeration for laboratories and industry

Innovations in industrial refrigeration – savings of up to 40% on electricity

Having implemented for the first time in Ukraine a transcritical booster system using carbon dioxide as a safe refrigerant, we achieved savings on energy resources of 15-25%. At some objects, this indicator reached 40%. The use of CO2 in industrial refrigeration equipment will become mandatory in the near future and we, like no other, have the best experience in the design, supply and installation of such innovative energy-efficient refrigeration units.

Start with a call and consultation with an engineer

Call us at any stage: whether it is an investment project for the development of the enterprise, or the final installation and commissioning of the equipment. supply and installation of similar innovative energy-efficient refrigeration units.


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