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Service maintenance of refrigeration equipment

Planned maintenance of refrigeration equipment is designed not only to extend the service life of units, but also to reduce energy consumption. The main task of planned maintenance of industrial refrigeration is to reduce the number of emergency shutdowns and reduce electricity consumption.

Complex maintenance of refrigeration equipment

Maintenance of industrial refrigeration and freezer systems should be carried out in a complex manner, with a competent engineering analysis of all parameters of the equipment. Otherwise, the spontaneous service turns into a hopeless and endless “patching of holes” with the pumping of money from the client.
The company “Ralco Technic” specializes in the design and comprehensive service of industrial refrigeration equipment of any scale – from a grocery store and gas station to a large food processing plant. The presence of our own design and engineering department and a close partnership with European and American suppliers of original components allows us to immediately eliminate even the most complex problems, resorting to non-standard solutions.
Planned service maintenance of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment includes: – diagnostics and visual inspection; – replacement of consumables and worn parts; – elimination of defects and debugging of work modes. Installation of special equipment for remote monitoring of operating modes of refrigeration units makes it possible to promptly detect and eliminate malfunction.

Remote monitoring and round-the-clock service of commercial refrigeration equipment

Ralco Technic’s service department has implemented remote monitoring systems at 178 facilities throughout Ukraine. Each of the more than half a thousand refrigerating units of our clients is under careful control and in automatic mode 24 hours a day, seven days a week, when the operating parameters are out of the permissible range, it signals us about the problem that has arisen.
Remote monitoring and 24/7 service is a direct benefit for the owner of the refrigeration equipment.

Planned maintenance is part of a complex of services for the maintenance of refrigeration systems, which includes:

We can start or join the project implementation and maintenance at any stage. The price list for maintenance of refrigeration equipment and equipment is not the cheapest, but it is quite honest – without extra markups and with a real guarantee of quality. The cost of servicing refrigeration equipment depends on the scale and specialization of the facility. Our goal is not to sell services, but to ensure flawless operation of your refrigeration equipment, and that every invested dollar works for you 24 hours a day.


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