Heat utilization and recovery systems


Free heating and hot water – refrigeration bonus

In in the light of global trends in the field of energy conservation, the emission of thermal energy by the external modules of refrigerators simply into the atmosphere is considered an inappropriate waste of money and resources. Heat from commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment with the help of recuperators can be used for heating and hot water supply. The heating season in Ukraine lasts six months. During this period, large supermarkets, restaurants, canteens, food industry enterprises and other production facilities that use powerful refrigeration equipment spend enormous amounts of money on heating and heating water for domestic hot water. Heat recovery systems allow you to reduce these costs by at least 40-50%, and in some cases eliminate them altogether. Equipment for heat recovery from refrigerating units allows not to reduce the energy consumption of units, but to use secondary thermal energy for other purposes. This has an economic effect from the use of recuperators.

Principle of operation and types of heat recovery systems

From the point of view of thermodynamics, there are two ways of extracting heat from the condenser of a refrigerating machine:

In the first case, it is necessary to install another heat exchanger in the refrigeration circuit. This makes it possible to dispose of up to 20% of the heat emitted by the refrigerator. At the same time, the use of compressed superheated refrigerant allows you to heat air or water to 80-90°C.

The second option allows you to remove much more thermal energy . But this heat will be of low potential, i.e. air or water can only be heated up to 30°C.

In the simplest version, two capacitors are used with manual switching – one outside for the warm season and the other inside for the winter. In more complex versions, automation and one condenser with multidirectional heat removal channels are used – to the recuperator or to the outside.

One ​​of the innovative solutions implemented by the company “Ralco Technic”, became a system of heat recovery and utilization with a transcritical cycle on carbon dioxide. Such CO2 recuperators make it possible to heat water to high temperatures (over 80°C) with its subsequent use in heating, domestic hot water or for technological purposes.

Utilization and recovery of heat in industry – from the project to remote control

The company “Ralco Technic” has implemented more than 400 of its own projects of refrigeration equipment and systems utilization of heat from it. We offer a comprehensive turnkey service that allows you to plan heat energy recovery installations at the project stage. Thanks to competent engineering, you will be able to save not only on energy resources, but also on investments in your refrigeration equipment.

Each of our 12 engineers has experience of working with the latest innovations in the field of industrial refrigeration in Europe and the USA.


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