Refrigeration equipment for fruit storage and livestock farms


Engineers use the latest software, so we guarantee the most effective refrigeration system project. Your investment will work for you.


Our installation crews are equipped with modern tools, transport and components to install commercial refrigeration equipment exactly on time.


All commissioning work is performed by certified specialists who regularly train at the factories of manufacturers of units and components for them.


Remote monitoring operation of refrigerating units makes it possible to detect problems and deviations from the norm even before the technical service of the supermarket. The mobile service service goes to the facility 24/7.

Refrigerators for vegetables and fruits

Cold in agribusiness – crop preservation, product safety and increased profit

An impeccably designed and calculated system of cold supply of the agricultural complex is food safety of fruit and vegetable and meat and dairy products, crop preservation and a real increase in the profitability of the farm. A professionally prepared project of a refrigerating chamber for storing carrots, apples, berries and other vegetables with the maintenance of an optimal climatic regime reduces the amount of spoiled products. Refrigerators for food storage minimize the drying of products and preserve the initial fresh appearance.

Turnkey industrial refrigeration for agribusiness

Implementing innovations – increasing profits

Having implemented for the first time in Ukraine an innovative booster transcritical system on natural and completely safe carbon dioxide, we reduced energy consumption at the customer’s facility by 25%. This is a direct reduction in the cost of agricultural products and an increase in the profit of the agricultural enterprise.   Among the projects implemented by us are representatives of large agribusiness throughout Ukraine, as well as small private farms. Vegetable and fruit warehouses, as an independent unit of agrarian business, began to enjoy great popularity in our country due to small investments, quick payback, and high profitability.

Start improving your agribusiness with a consultation with our engineer

Call us at any stage, whether it is planning a new warehouse or servicing finished vegetable storage.   We will select the optimal set of refrigeration equipment.


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