Professional installation of refrigeration equipment


Ralco Technic has been installing refrigeration equipment since 2007. Our staff includes 10 crews that have successfully completed more than 365 projects.

If your activity is related to the industrial and commercial spheres, you know that refrigeration equipment is an indispensable condition for clear and well-organized work. Contact us, and we will help you install any set of devices and units for storing, cooling, and freezing products:

For each project, we select individual solutions and perform a set of certain services. We understand the specifics of specific equipment from different manufacturers and take them into account during installation. We work so that your equipment functions stably and without failures.

installation of refrigeration equipment

For us, every customer is of great importance. Therefore, only qualified specialists are engaged in the installation of industrial refrigeration equipment. We carefully select personnel for service brigades, because the speed and quality of the work performed depend on his qualifications. We clearly understand and take this into account.

Order an installation service from Ralco Technic specialists — and you are guaranteed to minimize the risks of failure of refrigeration units and avoid damage or errors during their installation. The equipment will be installed by our team led by a design engineer according to all the rules and taking into account further access for its maintenance.

How much does “installation of industrial refrigerating equipment” cost?

The cost of installing refrigerating equipment from the Ralco Technic company starts from EUR 200. The amount depends on:

You will receive an exact price for the installation of refrigeration equipment when we familiarize ourselves with the entire range of work.

Cooperation with Ralco Technic is beneficial!

Individual project – our engineers and specialists will find the best solution individually for your task.

Advantages of cooperation with Ralco Technic!

The experience of Ralco Technic refrigeration equipment installation specialists is known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. We are needed, we are trusted, we are advised. And here’s why.

Our team comes directly to you to a place – to plants, factories, workshops, shops, restaurants, warehouses, etc. The main territory where our company needs to install refrigeration equipment is Ukraine. Although, since 2019, we have been successfully practicing fieldwork abroad.

Book installation, and assembly of refrigeration equipment at Ralco Technic! Make sure of our professionalism!


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