Cold rooms for snails


Refrigerating chambers for storing snails from Ralco Technic: optimal solutions

The snail business is developing rapidly in Europe. Our experts have undergone specialized practice on snail farms not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland, so in our projects, we strictly follow the technology of snail storage. The production of snails on snail farms can reach tens of tons of mollusks every year. Such a quantity of product requires special equipment for storage, namely, a cooling and ventilation system with the help of maintaining a temperature-humidity regime at a certain level. And the company Ralco Technic provides installation, adjustment, and maintenance of chambers for storing snails in compliance with all technologies and parameters.

Snail storage: a solution for you from Ralco Technic

In order for the product of snail farms to maintain its quality, and taste properties and remain in demand, it is necessary to store it properly. For such purposes, you need not just refrigerating chambers, but industrial chambers for storing snails, in which Ralco Technic can provide two different cooling modes. For the correct storage of shellfish, the following parameters must be observed, which depend on the method (technology) of storage:

Mode Temperature Humidity Shelf life
Cooling +1…+5 80% up to 6 months
Shock Freeze -15…-10 80% up to 12 months

In addition to proper cooling in snail storage chambers, our equipment supports active ventilation. Thus, the use of our equipment allows you to avoid the formation of condensation on the walls of the warehouse and on the stored products, and prevent the accumulation of odors. Cameras from “Ralco Technic” have technical characteristics that ensure compliance with the technological parameters of snail storage:

Do you need cold storage for snails? Contact us and our experts will make individual calculations at your request!

Long-term storage of snails: entrust the business to professionals

Refrigeration chambers for storing snails can be of two types:

First of all, we perform an individual calculation, taking into account the geography of the area where the installation of the equipment is planned. It is necessary to take into account climate conditions, building parameters, and energy consumption, which will depend on the number of already existing heat inflows. We design and install refrigerating chambers for storing snails of various types – metal frame structures, the construction of which does not require significant time costs, capital of brick or stone buildings. We also modernize ready-made warehouses to meet all technical requirements. At the same time, we take care of thermal insulation and use polyurethane foam insulation with a thickness of 0.8 mm to 1 cm. And in order to maintain an optimal environment in the chamber, we carefully seal the room. Our engineers will carry out a site analysis and install high-quality cold rooms for your snail farms. Write or call us to place an order!

Refrigerating chambers for storing snails: from project to service

Why is our equipment trusted to store grape snails?

“Ralco Technic” is a team of professionals who provide individual solutions for your business, allowing you to save on energy costs, but not on quality. Book the design and installation of refrigeration equipment today!


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