Cold rooms for apples


Refrigerating equipment for the storage of apples: energy-efficient and reliable solutions from “Ralco Technic”

Apples are one of the most popular and in-demand types of fruit in Ukraine, the number of their varieties is calculated dozens High yield allows you to create large stocks of this fruit, and the desire to keep it fresh throughout the year dictates the need for proper storage of apples in industrial refrigerators. The company “Ralco Technic” offers a complex of services for the development, installation and maintenance of refrigerating chambers for apple storage in Ukraine.

Industrial refrigerators for the storage of apples: Ralco Technic professionals take care of the task

In refrigerating chambers, thanks to the use of low temperatures, it is possible to avoid the spoilage of fruits by various microorganisms, however, apples do not tolerate a prolonged decrease in temperature, as this causes them to lose their juice along with their taste and fresh appearance. And if the parameters of the refrigeration equipment are set incorrectly, it can lead to spoilage of the fruit. During the creation of its projects, the company “Ralco Technic” necessarily takes into account all the technological features of storing apples and maintaining optimal parameters. It is important that the apples do not have time to spoil before being loaded into industrial refrigerators, so we recommend loading them into the refrigerators no later than 5 hours after harvesting, and the automation systems installed by us monitor all indicators at the appropriate level so that the fruits are stored correctly, which means – for a long time Below are data on the storage conditions of different varieties of apples.

The company “Ralco Technic” installs and manufactures industrial refrigerating chambers for storing apples, ensuring the support of all necessary conditions, namely, the temperature and humidity regime, so that the fruits retain their taste, useful properties, and appearance throughout the year, and as well as the required CO2 concentration. The latter is a very important condition for the preservation of this product. Our company is an expert in the design and construction of fruit storage facilities, therefore, you can safely entrust us with all stages from development to installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment. Contact us today and our specialists will offer you the best solution for your request!

Refrigerating equipment for storing apples

For the correct long-term storage of fruits on an industrial scale, we design and install refrigerators for storing apples made of sandwich panels with double-sided cladding. Depending on the required size and loading volume, you can place the compact cameras on a flat surface, and the large ones on the foundation. In addition, a team of our specialists will adapt the premises you already have at your disposal for the necessary refrigerating chambers for apples. In this case, we use polyurethane foam plates with one-sided cladding. in the cells that we install, it is not necessary to insulate the floor, which significantly speeds up the installation time. One of the advantages of cold storage for apples with a relatively small load and, accordingly, compact dimensions, is mobility – they can be disassembled and assembled in any other place, if necessary. In addition to proper cooling, our company provides the necessary air exchange in refrigerators for storing apples. To do this, we mount air coolers to the walls or ceiling, which usually consist of tubular heat exchangers/coolers, as well as axial fans.

Industrial refrigerating chambers for storing apples from design to service

The company “Ralco Technic” has been engaged in the design and installation of refrigeration equipment since 2007, and during this time we have gained a reputation as professionals in our field. Cooperating with us, you get the best possible solution, developed by our specialists individually at your request and “turnkey”. What we offer our clients:

In some cases, we can convert existing premises into cold storage rooms, saving you time and money. Our specialists are ready to join the work on your project at any stage, even if the previous contractor has already completed a certain amount of work. Our company has its own fleet and all cars are equipped with GPS sensors, so our team of specialists always responds to your request immediately, which is especially important if something breaks down. “Ralco Technic” is a team of professionals with many years of experience, which is always ready to offer the best solutions for your business. Choose quality and reliability, and contact “Ralco”!


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