Ralco Technic is an expert in the installation and maintenance of refrigerating chambers for vegetables


If you need to slow down the ripening process of vegetable products after harvest, as well as provide long-term storage on an industrial scale, then we will offer the best solutions for special refrigeration equipment for vegetables. In the projects of refrigerating chambers for vegetables developed and implemented by our company, we ensure the maintenance of the required temperature regime and humidity level, and, as a result, we guarantee the long-term preservation of the fruits of their appearance and quality.

Refrigerators for vegetables: we know how to store them correctly

We design refrigerators for the most popular vegetables in Ukraine, such as potatoes, cabbage, onions, beets, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini. And for their long-term storage, we create different conditions. For example, we provide storage of cabbages and beets in industrial refrigerators for vegetables, which have an exchange or active type of ventilation. At the same time, beets are very sensitive to temperature, and in such projects, Ralco Technic provides for maintaining a high level of humidity on a permanent basis. For each type of potato, our company uses its own approach to storage: we store seed potatoes at +3, table potatoes – up to +5, and for potatoes intended for processing (for example, the production of fries or chips), we maintain the temperature up to +11. When creating refrigerated chambers for storing tomatoes, Ralco Technic ensures constant air renewal in vegetable stores, since ripening requires a large amount of O2. And for garlic, humidity is an important indicator, which is why for such projects we ensure that its level is maintained no higher than 75%. Our company takes into account special storage conditions when creating chambers for onions and carrots.

In our refrigeration equipment for storing popular types of vegetables in Ukraine, we ensure compliance with the following conditions:


Product Temperature Humidity Term
Potato +3…+11 85-95 240 days
Beet 0…+1 90-95 90-150
Tomatoes 0…+14 90-95 150
Carrot -1…+1 90-98 180-270
Cucumbers +7…+10 95 10-15
Zucchini 0…+4 85-90 60
Cabbage -1…0 85-90 180-270

Remember, without Ralco Technic’s cold storage rooms for vegetables, you will not be able to keep such products in their original form for a long time, since they can be stored for a short time under natural conditions, and if there are industrial volumes, you risk losing most of the crop. Refrigeration, appropriate humidity and ventilation are the main conditions that we provide for long-term storage of vegetables, and our company observes and strictly maintains each indicator at a certain level for each type of product.

If you need advice on the selection of refrigerators for storing vegetables, our engineers will answer your questions and make the necessary calculations.

What kind of refrigeration equipment is needed for storing vegetables?

After the crop is harvested, it is extremely important to properly preserve it, namely, to maintain the temperature and humidity at a certain level on an ongoing basis. For this task, we use energy-efficient solutions that combine the optimal amount of time spent on design and installation and investment and also guarantee payback in a couple of years. The vegetable storage chambers that we design and install for you are lightweight but durable structures with cold storage chambers. Ralco Technic builds them with or without a frame, making them modular, thus giving us the opportunity to increase the area of ​​the warehouse in the future.

The first stage, from which we begin cooperation with our customers, is the design of refrigerators for storing vegetables. Our engineers calculate the parameters to ensure the profitability of the project being developed for you, as well as the long and reliable operation of the facility. Thus, you can be sure that your investment will soon pay off and you will continue to make a profit.

At the design stage, we consider:

In addition to the refrigerator for storing vegetables, we pay considerable attention to the ventilation system. Our team is engaged in the installation of supply and exhaust type ventilation, in which heat is recovered and energy losses are excluded. The final stage of our work is setting up and putting the equipment into operation, but our cooperation does not stop there. Thanks to the remote tracking system, our team constantly monitors the operation of the equipment, and in the event of a malfunction, the Ralco Technic service department will respond and fix the problem in a timely manner.

If you want to order a calculation for a future project or have questions regarding engineering and installation, please contact us for advice.

Refrigeration units for storing vegetables from Ralco Techniс

If you need refrigerators for storing vegetables and you are looking for the best solution, please contact our team of professionals. We will complete a turnkey project of any complexity in the best possible way. Entrust us with all stages of work, without worrying about anything, but doing business while we are doing the technical part.

Why should you contact Ralco Technic?

We guarantee you the high quality of the installed equipment, as well as provide a 36-month warranty, and offer repair work under the warranty, after it ends or just on demand. Entrust us with the safety of your products – choose Ralco Technic!


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