Transcritical booster cooling system



Refrigeration system using natural CO2 refrigerant with Danfoss multi ejector

The decision to create a cooling system that works on the natural CO2 refrigerant (R744) was dictated by world trends in the development of the industry and increasingly stringent requirements for environmental safety and energy efficiency in the production of cold. CO2 as a refrigerant has excellent thermophysical properties that ensure a reduction in losses in pipelines, a reduction in their dimensions and a high heat transfer coefficient. In Europe, the use of natural refrigerants, including CO2, is a mandatory requirement when commissioning new refrigeration facilities. We will also note that over the past two years, more and more potential clients in Ukraine are interested in these systems.

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Advantages of using CO2 as a refrigerant:

  We decided to make a transcritical booster station with parallel compression and an ejector as the most energy-efficient scheme. The use of transcritical booster systems makes it possible to use the low-temperature circuit as efficiently as possible and reduces capital costs, unlike systems with a separate freon circuit. And the installation of a parallel compressor gave an increase in energy efficiency of about 5%.

The use of an ejector in our installation allows you to operate the system as efficiently as possible even on the hottest summer day (the load on the medium-temperature circuit decreases, the SOR of the system increases).

As practice has shown, this solution makes it possible to save 15-20% of electricity compared to the classic booster system. Measurements were carried out in various variants (as a classic booster system, as a system with a parallel compressor, and also with a multi-ejector).

The heat utilization system helps to save about 40% of the energy resources spent on heating. At the same time, the glycol defrosting system of air coolers designed by us is comparable to hot gas defrosting. This solution made it possible to reduce the defrosting time to 5 minutes and completely avoid the use of electric heaters.

The main partner in the implementation of this project is the Danfoss company, one of the world leaders in the field of production of high-quality energy-saving equipment for refrigeration systems, components for industry and cooling and conditioning systems. We spent many hours with Danfoss engineers discussing the possibilities of their equipment. Thanks to close cooperation, it was possible to achieve high efficiency of the installed equipment.


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