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Design and installation of equipment for shock freezing of berries and their long-term storage by “Ralco Technic”

Blueberry is a very delicate product, so in order for it to remain fresh and whole for a long time, and also stored vitamins, it must be stored carefully and correctly. One of the areas of activity of our company is energy-efficient solutions for the industrial storage of blueberries, and we will help preserve the berries for a long time, using both equipments for shock freezing of berries and refrigerating chambers.

Refrigerating chambers for blueberry storage: a solution for you from “Ralco Technic”

Simple refrigeration is not enough to store berries for a long time. In this case, we offer the client projects where shock freezing is used, and with it, blueberries do not lose their marketable appearance, excellent taste, and useful properties. The principle of this technology is such fast freezing that ice crystals that can destroy the pulp do not form. To realize this, we provide a temperature in the range of -18 to -5 degrees in our cold storage rooms and maintain it stably to prevent the formation of crystals or dehydration of the berries. Before the blueberries are frozen and sent to cold storage chambers for berries, we recommend that they be thoroughly sorted, removing debris and damaged fruits. Unlike raspberries and strawberries, blueberries are washed and dried, and only after that do they start cooling. Some lines for freezing berries have a sieve on which the products are washed, dried, and then placed in the chamber. When carrying out shock freezing for blueberry storage, Ralco Technic equipment ensures the proper flow of frosty air so that the berries are actively blown from all sides. If you plan to sell blueberries fresh, we will design and install cold storage chambers for storing this berry. “Ralco Technic” also recommends cooling the fruits as early as possible in order not to suffer damage, because blueberries ripen quickly. Depending on the chosen solution for blueberry storage, automation systems in refrigeration equipment from “Ralco Technic” control and ensure maintenance of the following parameters in the following ranges:

Our specialists know all the technical subtleties and requirements that are very important to take into account when storing blueberries. Contact us for consultation or order a project of refrigerating chambers for blueberry storage! Refrigerating chambers for blueberries Refrigeration chambers for cooling, freezing, and storage of blueberries are divided into two types, both of which can be designed for you by “Ralco Technic”:

To ensure proper long-term storage of blueberries, our company installs refrigeration equipment with a ventilation system. We mainly install constructions made of PPU sandwich panels with double-sided cladding with a thickness of 0, 8 cm. Thanks to the sandwich panels, there is no need to mount a metal frame. You can also use polyurethane foam constructions with facing on one side. At the same time, floor insulation in such a chamber is not mandatory. The most important condition for installation is a flat surface to avoid subsidence and maintain tightness. Therefore, our specialists carefully analyze the territory where the equipment will be located beforehand. Also, during door installation, we do not use a cable that heats up, and in industrial refrigerating chambers, we do not install a threshold to make it easier to bring in the goods. Would you like our specialists to conduct an analysis of your facility for the future installation of a cold storage chamber for blueberry storage? Contact us! Refrigerating chambers for berry storage: from project to service

“Ralco Technic” carry out the entire range of work, which includes:

We will create a project for your enterprise from scratch and turnkey, or undertake work on at any stage at your request. A team of experts, high-quality components from the USA and Europe, and modern energy-efficient solutions are only part of our advantages. We have formed special mobile teams that quickly respond to calls, and the presence of our own fleet allows us to serve all customers in a timely manner. If you want your business to prosper and the products to remain the best on the market, contact Ralco Technic!

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