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Designing cooling and cold supply systems

Ralco Technic has been designing cooling systems since 2007. All work on the project is carried out by engineers taking into account the technical task of the client, as well as in accordance with the norms and rules of the equipment manufacturer. Our company, having more than 13 years of experience in the design of refrigeration equipment, both in Ukraine and abroad, is ready to implement the largest and most complex projects.

What is involved in the design process of refrigeration equipment?

If you are connected to the field of fruit storage, industry, or trade, then you understand how important it is to perform the entire range of work on the competent and professional installation of equipment. After all, any cooling system is complex with various variations of aggregates and components. And to a large extent, its performance depends on the quality of design work.

A properly designed cooling system will allow:

Ralco Technic will design refrigeration systems and components for:

The process of designing and installing refrigeration equipment consists of several stages:

  1. Studying the client’s technical task, equipment specifications and creating a project.
  2. Engineering and installation works in accordance with the approved project.

Ralco Technic specialists will calculate and select refrigeration equipment taking into account the customer’s requirements. We always select the most optimal option to achieve a balance between initial and subsequent service costs. The compiled project plan also contains requirements and norms related to the calculation of materials and other details. Our engineering decisions are made taking into account the features of the equipment of the best global manufacturers.

refrigeration design


Depending on the chosen type of project, we perform for you:

– selection of main equipment and components;
– creation of a basic and installation hydraulic scheme;
– creation of a basic and installation electrical diagram;
– condensate drain schemes.

Calculation of the cooling system for private houses by Ralco Technic

Ralco Technic specialists calculate the cooling system for private houses. The complexity of work on a private home is not much inferior to the planning of work on an industrial facility. The principle of operation is one – accurate calculation, competent selection of equipment and its parameters.

At the request of the customer, we will produce a 3D visualization of the cooling scheme for an industrial, commercial, private enterprise or house.

calculation and selection of refrigeration equipment

Why it is profitable to work with Ralсo Techniс?

We provide a full range of services: from equipment design to service. The following services are available to our clients:

To order the refrigeration equipment design service, you can contact the manager’s firm by contact number or fill out the form for a consultation. Contact us, and our specialists will advise you on all issues.


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