RalControl monitoring of refrigeration equipment


Why is refrigeration monitoring needed?

Remote monitoring of refrigeration equipment, the Сontrol-24 service is a modern method of monitoring the technical condition and operating parameters. Qualified specialists of the Ralсo Techniс company collect and analyze all the necessary data on the operation of the equipment without leaving the facility. The service of setting up the monitoring system will help prevent financial losses that arise as a result of malfunctioning of refrigerating chambers and subsequent spoilage of products.
Our company stands out among its competitors with a number of advantages:

The service is available 24/7 without breaks or weekends.

“EPoCA” – Professional solution for remote control of refrigeration units and food equipment

EPoCA is a remote monitoring system based on a cloud platform that meets the needs of the food storage and preparation sector, from refrigeration units to food equipment.

All that is required is a simple local Wi-Fi internet connection, which allows EVCO controllers with the help of EVlink Wi-Fi modules to connect to a cloud system that allows remote control of the equipment from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

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Responsive design and a graphical interface created to ensure a pleasant user interface make EPoCA a ready-to-use solution for affordable monitoring operations even for entry-level users while offering all the typical features of professional platforms.
With appropriate security measures for access and data, the system allows one or more activated users to remotely work on the device, configure its parameters, view HACCP data (also in graphical form) and download records in the most popular formats such as XLSX, CSV, and PDF. Key features include alarm alerts automatically sent by the system to selected email addresses.

Professional services from Ralco Technic specialists

The RalControl24 monitoring service of refrigeration equipment is not the only service provided by the company. For its clients, Ralco Technic offers a wider range of services:

One of the advantages of Ralco Technic is the ability to start work at any stage of project implementation. Nevertheless, we recommend ordering the development and installation of systems from our specialists, who have official quality certificates for the performance of a specific type of work.
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