Cold rooms for onions


The Ralco Technic company designs storage facilities for onions, implementing an energy-efficient solution and using high-quality components. At the same time, to ensure the correct long-term storage of onions, we take into account its variety, as well as the indicators that should be maintained. The best solution for onion storage warehouses will be the use of special refrigerating equipment, the installation and maintenance of which is engaged in by our company.

Refrigerating chambers for onion storage: a solution for you from Ralco Technic

Our refrigerating chambers are designed for proper industrial storage of onions.

Temperature Humidity Term
-2…0 °C 65% – 75% 30 – 240 days

When designing refrigerating chambers, our company takes into account the necessary technical requirements to maintain a humidity of no more than 75%, so that onions do not germinate;


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