We implement complex projects of refrigeration and cooling for business



We provide complex services in the field of refrigeration and cooling: from design to service

Ralco Technic is a recognized leader in the European market in the field of refrigeration and refrigeration. We implement complex projects for business and industry, trade, agricultural, food and industrial enterprises. More than half a thousand units of refrigeration equipment at 178 large facilities are under our remote monitoring as part of the comprehensive service.

From a small store near the house to an agro-industrial holding

Among more than 400 implemented successful projects: food processing and agricultural enterprises, gas stations, small grocery stores, and hypermarkets, as well as industrial facilities and laboratories, the technological process of which is inextricably linked with refrigerating equipment. The introduction of modern technologies, such as the transcritical booster system on the environmentally safe refrigerant CO2, remote monitoring of the operation of refrigeration units, and other innovations, combined with a competent engineering approach to solving non-standard and even typical tasks, allows our customers to achieve up to 25% savings on energy resources. At the same time, the inter-service period and the life of the refrigeration equipment are significantly increased. A competent selection of equipment will help not only to reduce electricity costs and ensure the competitive advantage of finished products, but as well as its safety and attractive appearance. This is a direct way of business growth, regardless of whether it is food production, farming, or retail.

A comprehensive approach to refrigerating equipment – from project to installation and service

Our own engineering and design department, the presence of direct dealer channels for the supply of only European and American refrigerating equipment, as well as professional service allow us to provide comprehensive turnkey services. Such a complex of services consists of design, supply of equipment, installation, and service. An equally popular service is the automation and modernization of existing industrial refrigeration equipment.

We join the work at any stage

Despite the possibility of an integrated approach, we can get involved in the work on the object at any stage. This may be due to the lack of appropriate qualification of the installation team, or the inability of the chosen supplier of refrigeration equipment to ensure the engineering design process. Repair and servicing, automation and modernization – all these tasks are also successfully solved in the company “Ralco Technic”. We join the work at any stage.


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