Complex of cold supply services for retail


Engineers use the latest software, so we guarantee the most effective refrigeration system project. Your investment will work for you.


Our installation crews are equipped with modern tools, transport and components to install commercial refrigeration equipment exactly on time.


All commissioning work is performed by certified specialists who regularly train at the factories of manufacturers of units and components for them.


Remote monitoring operation of refrigerating units makes it possible to detect problems and deviations from the norm even before the technical service of the supermarket. The mobile service service goes to the facility 24/7.


Commercial refrigerating equipment for supermarkets

A well-designed refrigeration scheme for a supermarket or a small grocery store is not just compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards for food storage. Correctly selected commercial refrigeration equipment for stores and accurate calculation of its capacity is also an element of marketing technologies. Effective demonstration of the product to the buyer and its proper storage allows for increasing sales and reduces general production costs and vegetables will give you the opportunity to show the best product “to your face” without worrying about its preservation.

Turnkey retail refrigeration – from project to installation and service

You don’t have to spend precious time looking for equipment suppliers, or companies engaged in the installation, debugging, and service. The Ralco company offers a profitable package of all-in-one services at a favorable price, in a reasonable time, and with a guarantee of quality.

Engineering. The Ralco Technic company has 12 experienced project department engineers who regularly improve their qualifications. The work begins with a thorough analysis of the object, its specifics, the volume of turnover, the customer’s wishes, and his financial capabilities. Designing. The projects we create are not aimed at selling equipment. We look for the optimal solution for the customer with minimal capital investment for him, and we implement it into the designed scheme of the installation that the customer has.

Supply. We work only with reputable American and European manufacturers of refrigeration units, including Danfoss (Denmark), Emerson (USA), Thermofin (Germany), and other leading brands. Warranty – up to 36 months.

Installation and commissioning. Our own installation crews are equipped with a modern material and technical base for quick and safe installation, start-up, and adjustment of refrigerating chambers for shops or supermarkets. The extensive experience of our masters and regular training allows us to eliminate errors during installation and bring the units to the most efficient operating mode.

Service. The service department of the company “Ralco Technic” includes service offices throughout Ukraine that work 24/7. The remote monitoring system signals us about a malfunction in the unit before it can be noticed by the owner of the refrigeration equipment.

Implemented innovations of cooling supply – reduction of energy consumption by 25%

We were the first in Ukraine to introduce an innovative system of cooling supply based on the natural ecologically safe refrigerant CO2, which made it possible to reduce energy consumption by a quarter. Carbon dioxide as a safe refrigerant is a reality of the near future. Already today, in European countries, it is forbidden to open new supermarkets if they are equipped with refrigeration systems using outdated refrigerants. Among the projects implemented by us in Ukraine are supermarkets VARUS, FORA, ECO-MARKET, and shops of other regional trade chains, as well as a large number of food outlets, pharmacies, and flower pavilions. You can be sure that the technologies we implement are the most advanced, and some of them are just coming into use. You can be sure that the technologies we implement are the most advanced, and some of them are just beginning to be used.

Start the operation of your store with competent advice from an engineer

The competent calculation, installation, and service of refrigeration equipment for stores is a profitable investment that will allow your business to grow and develop.

We offer a unique solution to increase your sales and reduce the costs of refrigeration equipment for trade halls. Call us today, and you will find out how you can make your business more efficient.

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