Services in the field of cooling systems

The Ralco Technic company is a leader in the industry and offers quality implementation of refrigeration systems for industry and trade. We guarantee a systematic approach to design, selection of refrigeration equipment, professional installation, commissioning, and service. Our company ensures long-term uninterrupted operation of refrigeration equipment and guarantees savings in current and operating costs.

Selection and calculation of refrigeration equipment

There are many parameters must be taken into account for the high-quality operation of the refrigeration system.
Incorrect selection of components during the design of the cooling system can cause the following consequences:

Our specialists have repeatedly encountered “exotic” engineering solutions created by specialists of a wide profile. The consequences of such work had to be redone almost from scratch. Therefore, we recommend trusting companies and manufacturers specializing in working with industrial colds.

Installation and assembly of the cold supply system

One of the priorities of our company is high-quality, professional installation of refrigeration equipment. Improper assembly of the refrigeration system not only reduces the quality of its work, but can also lead to irreparable damage and the need to replace expensive parts. The Ralco Technic company has many years of experience in the field of installation of refrigeration equipment, which is displayed in the portfolio section.

Optimization of costs for refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment is the heart of a business of any size – from a small shop to a supermarket and mall, from a specialized sausage shop to a large meat processing plant, vegetable base, or dairy. Refrigerators, freezers, bonnets, and chests ensure the preservation of products for end consumers. All this equipment is a significant part of the expenses from the enterprise’s budget. So, the question arises about optimizing costs for refrigeration equipment. Partners who have entrusted their business to us are already saving up to 25% per year on electricity. For example, the modern transcritical booster system on natural refrigerant CO2 installed by our company, thanks to the application of advanced technology solutions and a heat recovery system, allows customers to invest saved funds in production and expand the business.

Competent design and selection of refrigeration equipment

The effectiveness of the entire system is laid at the stage of design and selection of refrigeration equipment. The key success factor is to choose the equipment that exactly meets the business objectives. The importance of the selection is that the refrigeration equipment works in the most efficient regular mode of operation.

It is important to remember that the most difficult and expensive thing is to correct a mistake that was made in the early stages of planning. Therefore, the choice of equipment at the design stage is a key stage that will ensure further efficient operation of the cooling system.

Sound investments in refrigeration equipment at the stage of design and purchase ensure savings in further operating costs.

Recovery and utilization of heat from refrigeration equipment

Opportunities that are increasingly being developed in Ukraine are recovery and utilization of heat from refrigeration equipment. The heat released during the operation of the entire cooling system is used for heating water, household needs, and space heating.

Professional service of refrigeration equipment

In addition to competent current operation of refrigeration equipment, cost savings are ensured by its professional maintenance. Carrying out regular service work allows you to maintain the technological parameters of refrigeration equipment within the specified limits, which ensures compliance with current operating costs within the norm.

The RalcoTechnic company, relying on its expertise, guarantees professional warranty and post-warranty service of refrigeration equipment.