Industrial refrigerating chambers

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In order for products to be stored for a long time, as much as possible preserving their freshness and useful properties, you can use a number of methods, including:

The method and conditions of storing this or that product in the refrigerator depend directly on the type of product that you want to store. In each case, our engineers take into account many subtleties, besides, it is not so easy to ensure proper conditions without special equipment or technology.

We know how to store your products

For each type of production, it is extremely important to observe the most accurate indicators of temperature and air humidity, because an error of even a fraction of a unit can start irreversible processes due to which the product will spoil and you will lose money. But you don’t need to worry – we will choose the optimal storage method based on your needs and take care of all the work – from installation to service.

Among the most popular solutions, we offer are chambering for storing vegetables, fruits, berries, meat, and fish.

Product Temperature Humidity Term
Apples 0°С…+5°С 85% – 90% 60-120 days
Blueberry 0°С…+1°С 90% – 95% 14-20
Carrot -0.5°С…+0.5°С 90% – 100% 30-270
Onion -2°С…+2°С 65% – 75% 30-240
Snails +1°С…+5°С
no more 80% 30
Meat -1°С…+0°С
4-12 months
Fish 0°С…+5°С
30 days
2 months
6 months

The cost of industrial refrigerators

The construction of cold rooms and warehouses is an investment, the amount of which depends primarily on the type of equipment installed.
Main types of costs:

Capital costs for the construction of cold stores

  • Capital cost of building a camera. The cost of building a chamber can reach $400 per square meter, excluding equipment.
    If you have a room suitable for a camera, the costs can be much lower, the investment required to prepare your room is individual.
  • Capital costs for refrigeration equipment. One of our main principles is to design projects using only high-quality equipment,
    which ensures its reliable operation and guarantees operation for a long time. The cost of such equipment can reach $1200 per 1 ton of stored products.

up to $400 per m2

up to $1200 per ton

However, each project is individual, so the size of the final investment depends on many factors.
Request a quote from our experts for your specific project.

Operating costs for cold stores

During operation, it is also worth paying attention to the equipment, since even high-quality equipment needs maintenance,
like a car for example. Moreover, timely and proper maintenance, according to the regulations, allows any equipment to serve for a long time and properly.
We use energy efficient solutions that allow our customers to reduce the cost of maintaining cold stores.

from 1000 usd/year

We use an innovative monitoring system that monitors the correct operation of equipment 24/7.
In addition, we provide warranty and post-warranty service, as well as urgent repairs, using the best engineers and certified teams capable of finding a solution even in the most difficult cases. The purpose of the monitoring system is to prevent breakdowns in cold stores as much as possible and quickly eliminate any malfunctions, which allows the equipment to work longer with high efficiency.

What, besides refrigerators, do you get by contacting Ralco Technic?

We provide a range of services, taking care of all stages of work from the selection, delivery and installation of refrigerating chambers to their configuration and monitoring. The range of services is:

For instant response and the fastest elimination of breakdowns, we have formed our own service teams and have our own fleet of vehicles equipped with GPS sensors to control movement.

Refrigerators should be purchased from Ralco Technic, because we:

Contact Ralco Technic and your investment in the refrigeration system will be fully justified, and the cold rooms at your enterprise will work as efficiently as possible and for a long time!