Reconstruction of refrigerated containers


Re-equipping 40-foot containers for cold storage space is one of the inexpensive ways to build cold stores. Their advantage is:

As a rule, used containers with basic defective refrigeration devices and with minor damage are purchased for such needs. The installation of a new medium temperature refrigeration plant usually takes one day, after which such a container can be used as a pre-cooling chamber, storage chamber and freezing chamber, depending on the type of equipment and needs. Medium-temperature refrigeration equipment for containers and stationary chambers will have the same cost, and the savings will apply to materials for the construction of the stationary chamber. The cost of building a cold store can be as high as $ 400 / sqm, and if it is a container, it will cost around $ 150 / sqm, depending on conditions. One refrigeration station can cool several containers if necessary, but such a refrigeration solution has certain technical characteristics. Ralco Technic specialists have implemented several such projects. One was the conversion of the REF container for Agro-Focus, which is used to cool asparagus.


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