Cooling chambers for snails


Snail storage chambers – successful business

Every year the number of companies supplying snails produced in Ukraine to the European Union is growing. State statistics show that in 2 years this increase was over 200%, and in the last 9 months, exports totaled over 350 tons. Undoubtedly, the basic requirement for producers is the appropriate technology of breeding, storing and transporting products, which results in their quality and cost. In order to maintain the freshness of the product, the taste and valuable properties, the farm needs the installation of cooling chambers for snails, as well as air conditioning and a ventilation system. Such a combination will allow you to strictly adhere to the technology of storing snails in refrigerators, and customers will always receive a high-quality product. The production volume may vary from hundreds of kilograms to 50 tons of the product per year, therefore the correct and professional calculation of the parameters of refrigeration equipment ensures long-term and high-quality storage. Ralco Technic guarantees compliance with the technology, because our specialists have completed special training in snail breeding at specialized farms in Ukraine and Poland. It is important to consider many parameters including:

Incorrect calculations lead to the accumulation of odors, the formation of condensate, microbial growth and ultimately product spoilage. When delivered to customers, the snails can be fresh, frozen or already prepared for use in the kitchen.

Cooling chambers for the storage of snails – how to choose?

In each case, the cooling chamber for the storage of snails should be created on the basis of an individual calculation, only then the investment in such equipment will prove useful. Of course, you can use ready-made solutions, but remember that a competent specialist always takes into account:

We use the latest computational systems and algorithms, specialized heat transfer materials. It happens that entrepreneurs starting this business try to save money and buy used equipment, as a result of which they incur losses. The selection of cooling devices for the storage of snails takes into account the type of construction. It can be a rapidly erected metal framework, a permanent stone or brick building, or a finished warehouse. It is in such rooms that Ralco Technic specialists install cooling chambers for snails. The medium temperature chambers are designed for the appropriate temperature range that is most convenient for keeping the screw in an anabolic state. The storage period can be up to 6 months, provided that it is compatible with the technology. The second type are low-temperature chambers with -15 ℃, which allows you to extend the shelf life of the product up to 12 months. The product is stored in specialized containers. Insulation made of polyurethane foam (PPU) of different thickness, from 80 to 100 mm, depending on the type of snail storage chamber, acts as a thermal insulation material. In order to maintain an optimal installation environment, special attention is paid to the sealing of walls and doors, which also have the appropriate degree of insulation.

The advantages of Ralco Technic snail cooling systems

Professional engineering, design and construction of complex facilities, constant development since 2007 and over 500 completed projects in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Slovakia our company is trustworthy. Cooling chambers for snails are calculated taking into account technological processes, and direct deliveries of components from manufacturers of cooling, ventilation and rack equipment ensure the best price. We perform the works in the shortest possible time, on average it takes 3-4 weeks from ordering the project to assembly. The #RalControl remote monitoring and dispatcher system provides 24/7 monitoring of the operation of the snail warehouse, thanks to which your products and investments are always under reliable protection.


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