Climatic equipment for vegetable warehouses


Growing and harvesting vegetables, fruits and berries is only part of the process. Keeping a harvest with minimal losses is an equally difficult task that requires a lot of money, effort and time. Modern spacious vegetable stores with energy-saving air-conditioning devices simplify this task and significantly increase the profitability of the farm. After that, it will be shown how to build a vegetable store and how to choose the best refrigeration equipment.

Warehouse for vegetables is a highly profitable investment

The economic effect of such investments is based on the application of simple but effective rules for storing fruit and vegetables. Compliance with the temperature regime, the level of humidity and the volume of air exchange allows you to exclude or minimize the processes of rotting and the development of fungi. Contrary to the massive reinforced concrete structures that several decades ago were vegetable bases, modern vegetable stores are a light but durable, prefabricated, relatively inexpensive structure equipped with energy-saving refrigeration units. The construction of a new type of vegetable store will result in minimal expenditure of resources, time and effort, and its return, even taking into account the purchase of industrial air conditioning equipment, will not exceed 2-3 years.


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