What is shock freezing?


Deep rapid shock freezing is the rapid reduction of the product temperature down to -5 …- 18 ° C by means of cold air injection. What gives us a freezing shock? Thanks to this technology, it is possible not only to extend the shelf life of products, but also to preserve their organoleptic properties, taste and nutritional values ​​after defrosting.

Blast freezing is the best way to store fruit, vegetables, semi-finished products and ready meals

Blast freezing is the safest and most cost-effective way of long-term storage of raw meat and fish products as well as semi-finished products, fruit and vegetables and even ready meals that are after proper thawing, they are indistinguishable from freshly prepared. When freezing any product, be it vegetables, fruit, meat or cake, sharp ice crystals form. Like knives, they cut off the inside of the product, which loses its value after defrosting. The principle of operation of blast freezing equipment is very simple and effective. During shock freezing, the product freezes so quickly to homogeneous ice that sharp crystals do not have time to develop and disrupt the integrity of the tissues from within. Blast freezing is applied to various products:

The shock freezing of ready meals is used in gastronomy when it is necessary to cover a large banquet / reception outside the venue in the shortest possible time. Using the defroster, the dish is defrosted and heated to the required temperature without losing quality and taste.

Shock freezing technology

Unlike the classic freezing of products in freezers and refrigerators, when cooling takes 2-2.5 hours, the shock freezing technology is based on a rapid drop in temperature to extreme values ​​of -5 …- 18 ° C. Blast freezers are equipped with a dynamic cooling system – fans that blow the product and quickly remove heat from it, cooling it to the required temperature. There are two main types of blast chillers. Commercial equipment for restaurants and small workshops on farms. It is mainly a blast freezer in which the product to be frozen is placed on perforated surfaces in racks. Industrial lines for shock freezing of berries or fruits. They can be a conveyor with a tunnel freezer, a cradle for packaged products, fluidization for berries and finely chopped products or a spiral for ready meals and semi-finished products. It is important not only to properly freeze the product, but also to keep it at the same temperature as when it was frozen. At the same time, defrosting is unacceptable, which means that warm zones should be excluded from internal logistics.

Design, assembly and commissioning of blast freezing chambers

Ralco Technic services are a comprehensive solution for the design, selection of equipment, assembly and maintenance of industrial refrigeration installations. We guarantee a competent design, selection of optimal devices, assembly, start-up and subsequent service. Among our projects of shock freezing chambers in Ukraine, many innovative solutions have been introduced, which allowed to reduce energy costs by 1/4, reduce the cost of finished products and make them more competitive. For more information, please contact Ralco Technic’s managers today!


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