Refrigerated warehouse – device and structure


Industrial refrigerated warehouses are an important link in the human food supply chain. It is an integral part of the agricultural economy and food production, which directly affects not only the quality of manufactured and sold products, but also the financial stability of the entire industry. Then it will be explained what it consists of and how to build an industrial refrigerated warehouse for vegetables, fruits and other products.

Device and types of refrigerated warehouses

The structure of a refrigerated warehouse is a kind of a thermos, consisting of modular sandwich panels – light and durable, perfectly saving cold inside the room and effectively reflecting solar energy outside. Gates and doors in this type of construction also have isothermal properties. The modularity of such systems allows you to assemble a warehouse of the required volume and select appropriate cooling equipment for it. There are three basic categories of cold storage:

The latter assume the presence in one medium-temperature warehouse of separate freezers with a low-temperature storage mode.

How to build and equip a refrigerated warehouse?

холодильное оборудование складов Cold stores are equipped with both static refrigeration appliances and split systems. The priority is also the installation of remote monitoring devices, which allows you to react quickly to failures in cooling devices and eliminate them immediately.

Comprehensive solutions for the construction of industrial refrigerated warehouses

Ralco Technic has completed over 100 successful refrigerated warehouse projects throughout Ukraine. Having our own engineering and design department and service department, we provide a full cycle of services – from the design and delivery of devices to assembly, commissioning and subsequent service. We follow global innovations and implement them first. In our projects, we only take into account high-quality refrigeration equipment manufactured in the USA and the EU. We conduct remote monitoring of our facilities and react to equipment failures before such an irregularity is detected by the owner of the refrigerated warehouse. Do you want to know how much it costs to build a refrigerated warehouse? Contact us on the phone number: 0 800 309 009 and our consultants will help you choose the best construction project.


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